Fines and Fees Schedule

Updated Tuesday July 16, 2019 by President.

2018 Fees and Fines Schedule


Red Cards

  • Straight red card or two yellows in a single game - $40 plus minimum 1 week suspension.
  • For Fighting – $60 plus minimum 2 week suspension

Forfeit on the day of the match

  • One team – Full Referee Fees
  • Both teams – Half of Full Referee Fees



  • Returning Team prior to deadline – $400
  • New Team or returning team after deadline – $450
  • Player Registration – $25

In-Season Game Reschedules

  • Up to Wednesday before the game – $50
  • Friday before – $75
  • Saturday before or day of – $150
  • Reschedules due to “Acts of God” – No fee. These will be reviewed and a determination made by the Board.

Rescheduling from a league controlled field to your own

  • AFTER 5/3/2017 – $100 for ALL games except those within a week of the rescheduling. Note: this fee applies to all Bulk Reschedules during the season

Appeal of a Commissioner’s Ruling

  • $50 to be accompanied by an email explaining the grounds for the appeal pursuant to Article IV, Section 4.E of the Bylaws.

Referee Fees

These are to be paid at halftime of each match. *NOTE* In the rare circumstance that a match is cancelled after halftime and prior to the 60th minute, and thus needs to be replayed, referees keep the fees for that match. The teams, league, and referee assignors will work together on the rescheduling of the match.

  • 3 Referees – $210 or $105 per team per game
  • 2 Referees – $160 or $80 per team per game
  • 1 Referee – $90 or $45 per team per game

Weather-Related Referee Fees

If the referees determine that a game cannot safely start or continue due to weather AND the game has either not kicked off yet or has not yet reached half-time teams do no owe the referees anything. The league will handle the weather-related fees with them directly.