Team registration is closed for the Summer 2023 season.

Player registration is open for the Summer 2023 season.

The free agent board is open for the Summer 2023 season.

Player Registration

  1. Go to your teams page in Mutambo — Teams
  2. Then copy the player invite link and share it with your players (via email, text, etc.).
  3. Players can follow the link to register for your team.


  1. As a manager, if you want to play, you will need to register as a player as well (to be on game sheets).
  2. Each player must register themself with their own email address.

Free Agents

  1. To post as a free agent, create a player card here – Free Agent Registration
  2. To view all free agents, head to the free agent board. Team managers are able to contact free agents via email. – Free Agent Board


  • The team fee is $450/team plus player fees.
  • The team fee for returning managers is $400/team plus player fees.
  • The player fee is $25/player. Team managers are responsible for player fees. If a player is on multiple teams, the MRSL will split the $25 fee between the teams. The player fee is sent out to all managers around mid-season.
  • Teams are responsible for referee ($126 per team per game) and home field fees (variable). The MRSL schedules all referees and will help your team find a home field upon request.

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